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Guess the move

The “Guess the move” training mode follows the typical move by move theme in chess magazines. The only difference is that PCT allows you to make alternative moves and gives you a score depending on the correctness of your move. Pick a game from the +4000 provided games of all world champions and the current TOP 20 in chess or provide any game in PGN format.

Train blunders

In the train blunders training mode you should provide your own games in PGN format. Choose a game and it will be analyzed by PCT to find blunders for the side you have chosen. When analysis is finished and blunders have been found PCT will create tactic puzzles from them. You are asked to make a move, which will be shown with a blue arrow. The move you made in the game will be shown with a red arrow (because it was a blunder) and the best move will be shown with a green arrow. Learn from your past mistakes.

Tactics mode

More than 6000 tactics provided, but you can always add your own. Choose sequential or random order and improve in these important 80-90% of chess.

... and so much more

Describing every training or study possibility of PCT would take pages and probably nobody would ever read it all, so why don’t you go to the starting page and download the demo version of PCT for your platform (Windows, Linux or Android) and give it a try?
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